South African Geomatics Council


inserted 5 August 2015
Commencement date of the SA Geomatics Council
President J Zuma has, in terms of section 40 of the Geomatics Professions Act, 2013 (Act No. 19 of 2013), determined 01 August 2015 as the date on which the said Act shall come into operation.
President Zuma assented to the Act in December 2013.

Rules for SAGC will be posted when available.


Rules of SAGC    are not yet available

Rules of PLATO

South Africal Council for professional and technical Surveyors

The Professional and Technical Surveyors' Act of 1984 (Act 40 of 1984)
as ammended

Rules - South African Council for Professional and Technical Surveyors 16 pages

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